Software as a service is the future, now.

Software as a service or simply ‘SaaS’ is among latest the trends in the software industry which is gaining a rapid popularity. SaaS is a method of delivering the functionality of software applications through the internet instead of installing them in the computers of the users. One of the key advantages of the SaaS approach is the low delivery time and setup cost. When using SaaS you will not have… Read Article →

The Evolution Of Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning systems are currently almost omnipresent in the realm of big business and continuously gaining ground among SME’s and small businesses. Firms that have adopted this technology have realized the benefits of this useful tool in resource planning and enhancing overall business performance. The history of ERP systems is intertwined with that of computing in general. The forerunners of modern enterprise resource planning solutions came on to the… Read Article →


We are sure that there are some of you out there who are familiar with what we do and what we offer but this might be something a little bit new for you, from us, as we are expanding into something different. Rather than sticking to just continuing to bring the some old same old, we are really mixing things up. Our latest plan is to take on the fitness… Read Article →